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[WATCH] Jason Momoa Worked Hard to Become a BADASS in the Dune Movie!

I’ve been a fan of Jason Momoa for a very long time. Loved him in Stargate Atlantis. And, even though he was a massive A-Hole in Game of Thrones, he was still a presence to be dealt with, when he was on the screen. His work as Aquaman in the DC Universe speaks for itself. One of the best parts of the Justice League movie (both versions) and his standalone film is one of my favorites.

When I first heard he was cast as Duncan Idaho in the new Dune movie, I was VERY excited! The original 1984 version of the movie had Richard Jordan in the part. He was regal & had a calm, quiet power about him. I think Jason Momoa will have that same quiet, but powerful, aura about him. But, looks like he gets to do A LOT more action than Jordan did in the original movie. And, he took the training for the part very seriously.

Check out some of the work he had to put into the role in the video above.

Dune hits theaters & HBO Max on October 22nd, 2021.

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