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[WATCH] Check Out How a Computer AI Bot Did Writing a Metallica Song

A YouTuber named Funk Turkey fed all of METALLICA’s lyrics into a Computer AI bot and asked it to write a NEW Metallica song. The words don’t necessarily make sense, but thematically, they’re basically in the Metallica wheelhouse.

The song is called “Deliverance Rides”.  The lyrics include:

“Beaten down and destroy / Dead sure she’ll never you betray / Hell is the one who waits for you / Now I roam the world all alone.”

“Bound by leather steeds they ride / Crown yourself the world and tired / Dying, the one who waits for you / No, there’s no longer cares.”

And the chorus goes:  “I’m the sun, I’m insane / Yes, she’ll never love / Never me, so let it be / Obey your eyes / Death!  Deliverance rides!  Hey, hey!”

The guy even set it to music. You can watch the video above.

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