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Two-Thirds of Americans Refuse to Poop at Work

You’d think that commuting would be the top thing that stressed us out about the office. But maybe this is #1 for a lot of people . . . or #2, I guess.

Two-thirds of Americans say they refuse to poop at work, and they’d rather just hold it all day until they get home.

On average, they’ll hold it for two-and-a-half hours.

Men are more likely to hold it than women . . . 74% are holders, compared to 65% of women.

And the top reasons it stresses us out are: we’re worried someone might HEAR us . . . and we’re worried we’ll be judged for taking so long.

Our other work bathroom pet peeves include:  Thin toilet paper . . . bad smells . . . gaps in the stalls . . . and coworkers trying to TALK to you while you do your business.

According to the poll, here are the top five etiquette rules for public bathrooms:

1.  Don’t look through the gaps in the bathroom stall.

2.  Don’t talk to someone WHILE they’re going.

3.  When possible, keep one stall or urinal between you and the next person.

4.  Avoid unnecessary noises.  Like too much grunting maybe?

5.  A three-way tie:  You shouldn’t stay in there any longer than necessary . . . don’t take phone calls . . . and never make eye contact at the urinals.



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