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Tune in for Special Memorial Day Salutes on Mad Rock this Holiday Weekend!

Help Mad Rock 102.5 and our local partners salute all those who served and paid the ultimate price to protect our freedoms. All weekend long we’ll air special Memorial Day Salutes which tell the stories of some of our men and women in uniform. They’re really interesting stories and we hope you enjoy hearing them this weekend as much as we will.

Thanks to our partner who made this happen:

Here’s a list of some of the salutes you will hear this weekend:

  • Capt. Darrell R. Lindsay USA WW II
  • Sgt. Charles H. Long USA Korea
  • Sgt. Donn F. Porter USA Korea
  • 2d. Lt. David R. Kingsley USA WW II
  • Ch. Wtr’tndr. Peter Tomich USN WW II
  • Pvt. Rodger Young USA WW II
  • Sgt. Donald R. Long USA Vietnam
  • Lt. Eli Whitely USA WW II
  • Pvt. Hector Cafferatta USMC Korea
  • Pvt. Milton L. Olive USA Vietnam
  • Lt. Bernard J. Ray USA WW II
  • 1Pvt. Stanley R. Christianson USMC Korea
  • Cpl. Mitchell Red Cloud USA Korea
  • 1Sgt. Charles F. Carey USA WW II
  • Sgt. Gerald L. Endl USA WW II
  • T/Sgt. Clinton M. Hedrick USA WW II
  • Pvt. Michael Valente USA WW I
  • Edward C. Byers, Jr. USN Afghanistan
  • Capt. William D. Swenson USA Afghanistan
  • Sgt. Dakota Meyer USMC Afghanistan


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