A new poll out for Father’s Day found 75% of us will celebrate this year, including 58% who plan to buy a present.  But the most popular gift involves FOOD.

The top five Father’s Day gifts in 2022 are a special meal with family or friends . . . a gift card for dad . . . clothes . . . tools . . . and a greeting card.

A nice meal together is also the top thing dads WANT this year.  An experience is next, like tickets to a concert or sporting event.  Then it’s gift cards, gadgets, and tools.

So, don’t forget, you can register to win Mad Rock’s 2022 Father’s Day Giveaway through this Sunday, June 19th — many of the prizes will likely tick a lot of those boxes for your Dad!!!

The poll also looked at a few “Dad” habits in 2022 . . .

1.  Where does your dad spend most of his free time?  The top answers were the living room . . . the backyard . . . and, quote, “anywhere as long as there’s a TV.”

2.  What’s the top thing you’ll find in an average dad’s “man-cave”?  A TV was the #1 answer, followed by a comfy chair.  A fridge and sports collectables also made the list.

3.  What’s your dad’s top pet peeve?  The top five are leaving lights on . . . changing the channel . . . touching the thermostat . . . leaving doors open . . . and dishes in the sink.

4.  And finally, which TV dad is your father most like?  The top answers are Tim Taylor from “Home Improvement” . . . Homer from “The Simpsons” . . . Danny Tanner from “Full House” . . . Jack Pearson from “This Is Us” . . . and Uncle Phil from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”.




BONUS COMEDY – Top 10 Gifts Dad REALLY Wants for Father’s Day

  1. Alone time on the toilet.
  2. A giant, loud vehicle advertised for its “towing capacity.”
  3. You to FINALLY move out of his house.
  4. A weight loss plan that still includes beer and fries.
  5. Someone to go see “Top Gun: Maverick” with him . . . again.
  6. More TV shows with Kevin Costner.
  7. Unlimited permission to burp.
  8. His high school football jersey to fit without cutting off circulation.
  9. Nothing. So he won’t have to get you anything for your birthday.
  10. Hair.

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