Top 5 Things Our Mean Older Siblings Taught Us

Here’s one for all the little brothers and sisters who got BULLIED by your siblings when you were younger. You might actually get the last laugh in the end.

A new study found people who were bullied by an older sibling are more likely to have mental health problems as an adult, like anxiety and low self-esteem. BUT, the older sibling who did the bullying is even MORE likely to face those same issues.

It’s not clear if it’s a cause-and-effect thing, or if kids who bully their siblings are just more prone to mental health problems in general.  But if you’re still angry at them for making your life a living hell, just know they might be even more miserable long term.

However, the knowledge older brothers and sisters drop on us more than make up for the trauma. Like anything from today’s list of the Top 5 Things Older Siblings Taught Us.

  1. If we get the same teacher they had, that teacher must explode in joy and rave about how great they were.
  2. It’s not enough to pin you down on the ground. They also have to act like they’re going to spit on you.
  3. When it’s time to divvy Halloween trick-or-treating hauls, they get the Peanut Butter Cups & all the good candy.  We get the Whoppers & other unpopular candy.
  4. The top part of our ear is meant to be repeatedly flicked while we’re challenged to “do something about it.”
  5. Even though mom had to marry dad because she was pregnant with them, WE are the ones who were a mistake.

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