Today (April 7th) is National Beer Day, so if you ever needed a reasonable excuse to drink a bunch on a Wednesday, you’re in luck!

A new survey for this, um, “holiday” asked beer drinkers how much they really drink in a week.

Even though the most common answer is just a few, looks like there are some people who are REALLY going all out with this.

65% of beer drinkers have between one and four beers a week.

4% drink between 16 and 20 beers a week (that’s two or three per day).

But, 5% say they drink 21 or more beers a week (that’s three or more per day).

The survey also found beer is the most popular drink people order at bars and people believe beer drinkers are more approachable than people who drink any other type of booze.


(National Today)

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