Today (5/8/20) Is National “Have a Coke” Day – Here Are Some Stats on Our Coke Preferences.

It’s National “Have a Coke” Day, because imaginary holidays can totally be designed around corporate marketing initiatives.

A survey asked 1,000 Americans about their Coke preferences. And you know there were at least a few people who were like, “Oh, THAT kind of coke. Yeah. Oh. Okay. Yeah, I mean, I guess I’ll talk about that too.”

Here are the survey results:

1.  67% of people say their favorite type of Coke is straight-up Coca-Cola Classic, 16% like Diet Coke the most, 10% Mexican Coke and 8% Coke Zero. (Personally, I like the Orange Vanilla Coke Zero…)

2.  The most popular way to drink Coke is out of a glass bottle, at 34%. Cans got 24%, fountain soda got 21% and plastic bottles got 21%.

3.  And our five favorite foods to eat with Coke are:  Burgers, pizza, French fries, chicken wings, and tacos.


[Source: National Today]

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