Things TV and Movies Always Get Wrong About Cities Like Dallas & Houston

News Flash Mad Rock Nation — Not everything you see on TV and in the movies is accurate.

Crazy, right?!?!

Here’s a list of 10 things they always get wrong about famous cities:

  1. Dallas is just cattle and oil fields.  You won’t find either near the actual city.  And oil and gas are only the fifth largest part of the economy, behind finance, manufacturing, professional and business services, and “other.”  Livestock isn’t even in the Top 10.
  2. Everyone in Houston wears cowboy boots.  It’s actually the fourth-largest city in the U.S. and the most diverse of these examples.  Not everyone has a fist-sized belt buckle.
  3. Detroit is dying, decaying, and falling apart.  There’s been a lot of renewal and revitalization in recent years.  Visitors are often surprised at how NOT rundown it is.
  4. The Las Vegas economy is entirely based on gambling and tourism.  Vegas has been diversifying its economy into areas like health care and infrastructure, and has grown in popularity as a location for corporate headquarters.
  5. It’s always sunny and dry in Miami.  It has a tropical monsoon climate, with a pretty serious rainy season.  Oh, and it’s not a coincidence the University of Miami is the home of the HURRICANES.
  6. Everyone travels by taxi in New York.  Most people use public transportation like buses and trains.
  7. In L.A., everyone goes to the beach all the time.  The beaches are popular tourist attractions, but the locals really don’t visit that often.
  8. Chicago is called the Windy City because of its blustery weather.  The name actually came from a 19th-century newspaper editorial criticizing city officials for being “full of hot air.”
  9. Everyone in Boston is either a cop, a lawyer, a criminal, or a college student.  Obviously that can’t be true . . . none of the people on “Cheers” were any of those things.  (???)
  10. In Philadelphia, all the major landmarks are within walking or jogging distance from each other.  Rocky’s famous jog would have actually been 30 miles.


(Check out these and a few more examples here.)

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