The Yuba Volunteer Fire Department Needs Our Help!

Yuba Volunteer Fire Department GoFundMe Campaign Donation Link:

Help Big Dave raise $5,000 for the Yuba Volunteer Fire Department!

Big Dave's set up a GoFundMe campaign for his friends at the Yuba Volunteer Fire Department after someone caused $5,000 in damage to their building! Please help make things right for the Yuba VFD! Here's the link to donate –

Posted by Mad Rock 102.5 on Friday, August 3, 2018


The Yuba Volunteer Fire Department building (located in Hendrix, OK) was severely damaged on 7-20-18 at around 10:30pm. Security cameras captured someone trying to break in their facility. The person broke lights, cameras, and an air conditioning unit, but never actually got into the building. Damage is estimated at $5,000!!!!

Here are just a few pictures:


While insurance may help repair some of the damage, because this is a VOLUNTEER Fire Department, money that was raised & set aside to purchase other equipment & gear will now have to be put toward these repairs. Some of the Volunteers are even dipping into their own pockets to cover these costs!

Don’t you agree – that’s unacceptable?!?!

With your help, we can make the Yuba Volunteer Fire Department completely whole again – helping to pay for the rest of the required repairs to the facility, cover the “bunker gear” & equipment they originally planned to buy with the funds they raised AND make sure that NONE of these volunteers, or their families, have to suffer financially because of the idiotic acts of some random person.

Thanks for your generosity!

Of course, if you have ANY information about the person responsible for causing the damage in the first place, please contact the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office @ 580-924-3000.

Here’s the surveillance video from the Yuba Volunteer Fire Department‘s Facebook page:

Yuba VFD vandalized

Here is the second video of the person that vansalized the fire department. Who do you think it is? If you recognize this guy or have any information, please pm me or call the Bryan County Sheriffs office at 580-924-3000.

Posted by Yuba Volunteer Fire Department on Tuesday, July 31, 2018



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