The Weirdest Town Name in Texas, Oklahoma & Other States

Someone spent some serious time putting together a list of the weirdest TOWN NAMES in all 50 U.S. states. Here are 25 of them, starting with Texas & Oklahoma:

Ding Dong, Texas.

Okay, Oklahoma.

Booger Hollow, Arkansas.

Booger Hole, West Virginia.

Number Eight, Missouri.

Ninety Six, South Carolina.

Paint Lick, Kentucky.

Accident, Maryland.

Satan’s Kingdom, Massachusetts.

Dummer, New Hampshire.

Handsome Eddy, New York.

Dull, Ohio.

Boring, Oregon.

Bland, Virginia.

Eek, Alaska.

What Cheer, Iowa.

Zap, North Dakota.

Frog Eye, Alabama.

Catfish Paradise, Arizona.

Flea Hill, Delaware.

Chicken Bristle, Illinois.

Elephant Butte, New Mexico.

Plenty Bears, South Dakota.

Mosquitoville, Vermont.

Worms, Nebraska.


(Source: Zippia)

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