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The Top Things We’re Googling About Allergies Right Now

We’re only two weeks into spring & my allergies are killing me! Are your allergies acting up yet?

According to Google Trends, a lot of people’s are. Here are the top things we’re googling about allergies right now:

Searches for the phrase “spring allergy symptoms” are up 400% in the past month . . . “When will the pollen go away?” is up 250% in the past week . . . and Georgia is googling “pollen” more than any other state.  North Carolina is next, then South Carolina, Alabama, and Texas.

Our top “best BLANK for allergies” searches are:  “Best air purifier for allergies” . . . “best eye drops for allergies” . . . and “best medicine for allergies.”

And our top “allergies OR” questions include:  “Allergies or COVID” . . . “allergies or cold” . . . “allergies or sinus infection” . . . and “allergies or pink eye.”

What do you take or do to relieve your allergy issues? I’m asking for a friend…

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