The Top 8 Comfort Foods We’re Eating More Right Now

Wanna know how much stress you’re under? Just count how many bags of chips you’ve gone through in the last few weeks!

A new survey asked people which “comfort foods” they’ve leaned on the most to deal with their stress over the past few months. Here are the top 8 answers:

1.  Potato chips. 62% of us have had them in the last few months.

2.  Ice cream, 59%.

3.  Chocolate or candy, 58%.

4.  Pizza, 56%.

5.  Mac-and-cheese, 51%.

6.  Pasta, 46%.

7.  Mashed potatoes, 46%.

8.  Chicken noodle soup, 36%.

Three out of four people said they’re eating more comfort foods now than EVER before. And over a third of us are eating them at least once a day.


(Source: NY Post)

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