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The Top 7 Things We Plan to Blow All Our Money On

A new poll found 70% of Americans plan to “have more fun” with their finances over the next decade, and “spend more freely” instead of just saving.

60% said they plan to go all out to make up for the stuff they haven’t been able to do during the pandemic.

Young people are the most likely to have a carefree attitude about it.

Baby Boomers were more likely to say they’re sticking to a tight budget.

Four in five people claim they’re fairly careful with their finances in general though.

Here are the top 7 things we plan to BLOW our money on over the next ten years:

  1. Traveling.  44% plan to spend a significant amount on it.
  2. Home goods and décor, 40%.
  3. More gadgets and electronics, 38%.
  4. Eating out at restaurants, 37%.
  5. Clothes, 37%.
  6. Concerts and other live entertainment, also 37%.
  7. Shoes, 29%.



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