The Top 7 Signs You’re a LAME Superhero

In honor of today (4/28/21) being National Superhero Day, please enjoy this list of The Top 7 Signs You’re a Lame Superhero!

  1. Forget the Justice League or the Avengers, you can’t even get them to let you join the Keep Sherman Beautiful (KSB) program!
  2. Batman has the Batmobile, Wonder Woman has an Invisible Jet, all you have is a 1991 Geo Metro.
  3. As Captain Grammar, your superpower is being able to spot a sentence that needs a comma from a mile away.
  4. You can’t leap over tall buildings, or anything else for that matter, because your Archenemy is a really BAD case of Gout.
  5. During Superhero Dodgeball, even Robin gets picked before you.
  6. Your hands are lethal weapons, but not nearly as lethal as your breath.
  7. Where’s your Fortress of Solitude? Your parent’s basement.

Learn more about National Superhero Day.

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