The Top 5 Heat-Related Google Searches This Week

Here in the Mad Rock Nation, we’re breaking records for high temperatures (forecast calls for a high of 110 degrees today 7/19/22). In fact, a big chunk of the U.S. and Europe are dealing with EXTREME temperatures right now. So, Google looked at the top heat-related questions we’re asking. Here are the TOP 5:

  1. “Can heat cause diarrhea?” Believe it or not, the answer is YES.  There are a few ways it can happen. Anything that causes a lot of stress or takes a toll on your body can cause diarrhea, including a heatwave.Also, hot weather can help bacteria grow.  So things like food poisoning and “stomach flus” might be more common when it’s really hot out.

    And a study found there are more flare-ups linked to inflammatory bowel disease during heatwaves.  So that’s one more way heat can do a number on your insides.

  2. “Can heat cause headaches?” yes.
  3. “Can heat cause nosebleeds?” yes.
  4. “Can heat cause diarrhea in dogs?” yes.
  5. “Can heat cause migraines?” yes.

Stay hydrated, cool & safe out there!


(Google Trends)


Here are some BONUS heat-related questions people in the Mad Rock Nation are asking:

  • Can I sue Brian Briggs or Steve LaNore at KXII if I walk outside & spontaneously combust?
  • Does beer count as “hydrating”?
  • Why does the sun hate me?
  • Can I get high off melted asphalt?
  • What does it mean when the temperature on my phone just says “Satan’s Butthole”?
  • How much is a one-way ticket to Antarctica?
  • Is there a 1,000 SPF sunscreen for redheads?
  • Should I tell my wife I cheated on her just so she’ll throw some shade?
  • Is this hell?

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