The Top 10 Things Your Refrigerator Would Say If It Could Talk

Our kitchen appliances are getting pretty smart, thanks to technology. But, thankfully, they can’t talk to us…at least, not yet.

If they could, your fridge might fire off some things from this list of The Top 10 Things Your Refrigerator Would Say If It Could Talk.

  1. I don’t care how fast you open the door, you’ll never catch the tiny man who turns my light on.
  2. After I die, please don’t leave me on the front porch like your redneck neighbors.
  3. Dude, nice try with the vegetables, but we all know they’re just gonna rot in the crisper.
  4. Hey, I’m a big “Brady Bunch” fan – can you paint me avocado green?
  5. Yes, more baking soda will definitely mask the fact that you’re a disgusting slob. 
  6. You don’t understand, in some places, ice chunks in milk is a delicacy. 
  7. If some wiseass calls and asks you if I’m running, just hang up.
  8. Every time you use my water dispenser, I feel like the whole room is watching me pee.
  9. This is your fourth visit in the last hour. How high are you?!?
  10. So, yeah, pretty sure this Chinese takeout from 2018 can probably go.

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