The Top 10 Things Your Mom Would LOVE to Say to You if She Could

Since Mother’s Day is this Sunday, it’s a great time for you to check out this list of The Top 10 Things Your Mom Would LOVE to Say to You if She Could:

  1. When all the other moms brag about their kids, I pretend I’m taking a call.
  2. Oh that’s a nice blouse, honey, if you’re wanting people to think you’re easy!
  3. Thanks for the lame gift card, but know what I could really use from you? RENT!
  4. Your girlfriend’s nice and all, but I have a feeling she’ll give me ugly grandbabies.
  5. Yes, it’s important that you tried, but isn’t it about time you started bringing home some REAL trophies.
  6. Are you that incapable of buying me a decent gift?
  7. The only reason I put you in timeout was so I could drink without you knowing.
  8. Your elementary school art was NEVER worthy of the refrigerator.
  9. That cucumber in the fridge – yeah, it’s not for a salad…or to put on my eyes.
  10. The only thing I would ever change about you is — having you.

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