The Top 10 Things You Don’t Want to Hear in a Grocery Store

Going grocery shopping is kind of a pain.  But, if you experience anything like you’ll find on this list of The Top 10 Things You Don’t Want to Hear in a Grocery Store, at least it will be a memorable experience!

Sorry, we’re out of toilet paper. But the sandpaper aisle is FULLY STOCKED.

Clean up on aisle four and all the way to the bathroom.

Due to the coin shortage, will you accept a Ziploc bag full of random Legos instead?

Sorry, we got rid of our meat section, we’re 100% vegan now!

Sir, please stop! What you’re doing to those melons is technically against the law.

No ma’am, that’s not a carton of rotten eggs you smell – it’s my BO.

Please stay six feet away…from the Oreos! Looks like you already put on way more weight than the quarantine 15!

We don’t shower the produce here, so yeah, I’m not exactly sure why that’s wet.

Sir, I’m going to need to get a price check on this hemorrhoid cream. Hold on while I grab the intercom mic…

We’re still out of toilet paper, but there’s a sale on kitty litter.

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