The Top 10 Signs You Live in the Middle of Nowhere

One of the great things about living in the Mad Rock Nation is that most of us don’t have to deal with the chaos of a large, crowded city. We prefer living out in the country or in towns with a slower pace.

So, here are The Top 10 Signs You Live in the Middle of Nowhere.

  1. Every morning, your local newspaper is blank.
  2. The Google Maps directions to your house include the phrase “Over yonder.”
  3. The first mile of any trip has to be by donkey.
  4. There’s only one bar in town and zero bars on your cell phone.
  5. There are NO Starbucks within walking distance.
  6. You’ve got 10,000 miles on your car, but 150,000 miles on your four-wheeler.
  7. Your neighbors are too far away to complain about the stench of meth coming from your house.
  8. You can’t even take a WALK without hitting a deer.
  9. You call them “neighbors,” but others call them “critters.”
  10. All your kids’ friends are imaginary.

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