The Top 10 Signs That You’re Middle Aged

It’s kind of hard to say exactly when you become “middle aged” nowadays.

I mean, maybe it’s more of a FEELING than a specific age.

A recent survey found the average person doesn’t believe they’re middle aged until they hit 47.

But the survey also asked people to name the SIGNS that they’re becoming middle aged.

Those apparently start happening a lot earlier than 47.

Here are the top 10 most common answers:

Your body & muscles feel stiff & hurt

Groaning when you bend down

Picking comfort over style with your clothes

Thinking police officers, teachers & doctors look really young

Hating loud bars

Needing an afternoon nap

Realizing you have coworkers who don’t know what a cassette tape is

Knowing your limit when it comes to drinking

Hoping you get asked for ID

Giving people speeches on “saving” and “investing.”


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