The Top 10 Reasons You Should Go Fishing At Lake Texoma

Applications for fishing licenses in both Texas & Oklahoma have significantly increased. Find out why fishing is gaining in popularity with this list of The Top 10 Reasons You Should Go Fishing At Lake Texoma.

  1. Texoma ladies really dig guys who have that smell of worms, minnows, catfish and Bud Light.
  2. Fishing helps relieve stress…unless you accidentally get your barbed fish hook attached to your eyelid.
  3. You can eat what you catch right away, if you bring some soy sauce and wasabi.
  4. Your wife has absolutely ZERO interest in going with you.
  5. The fish always seem to do their best to social distance from you.
  6. Nothing is more fun than waking up at 5am & spending the entire day repeatedly failing.
  7. It’s kind of like a video game, but instead of killing zombies who want to eat you, you get to eat what you kill.
  8. You get to wear one of those super cool hats covered in hooks.
  9. Once you catch a fish, you can flap its mouth and give it a silly voice to make your fishing buddies laugh.
  10. You finally won’t smell so bad, compared to the fish.


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