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The Top 10 Most Common Christmas Mistakes

You’ve still got three weeks to prep for Christmas. Let’s see what you’re gonna SCREW UP anyway. A new poll looked the most common Christmas blunders.  Here are the top ten:

  1. Leaving the tags on gifts.
  2. Running out on wrapping paper on Christmas Eve.
  3. Sending out your Christmas cards too late, so they don’t get there on time.
  4. Not getting someone a gift, but they got YOU a gift.
  5. Getting drunk on Christmas Eve, and being hungover the next morning.
  6. Knocking over your Christmas tree. Or, more likely, your DOG or CAT does.
  7. Drinking too much in general when you’re around relatives.
  8. The presents you mailed out don’t get there.
  9. Forgetting to put your “happy and surprised” face on while opening a gift.
  10. Screwing up Christmas dinner.

Here are a few more that made the top 25:  Watching a movie with your family that’s got a SEX scene in it . . . having the wrong person open a gift . . . accidentally breaking a gift you just received . . . and your kids CATCHING you wrapping presents.



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