The Top 10 Most Annoying Things That Can Happen During Your Commute

This list makes me understand why so many people want to keep working from home, instead of commuting to the office!

Two-thirds of people in a new poll said a frustrating commute can ruin their entire day.

Here are the top ten things that can make your commute annoying:

  1. You get in your car and your windshield is covered in ice.
  2. Getting stuck in a traffic jam. (So this is #1 when it’s not freezing outside.)
  3. Someone keeps tailgating you.
  4. Someone cuts you off.
  5. Your bus or train is delayed.
  6. Your windshield is foggy, and you can’t get it to clear up.
  7. When it seems like you hit every single red light.
  8. Having to wait at a red light when no one’s coming from the other direction.
  9. People having loud phone conversations on public transportation.
  10. When someone on a bike rides straight through a red light or stop sign.

A few more that made the top 20 include:

  • Slow drivers
  • Sitting in traffic when you have to pee .
  • When there are plenty of seats open on a bus or train, but someone sits right next to you anyway



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