The Top 10 Little Things That Can Lift Your Spirits

What’s something small that can really make your day? Researchers gave people a huge list of options, and asked them to rank each one. Here are the top 10:

  1. A bright blue sky on a sunny day.
  2. Seeing a beautiful landscape.
  3. Kittens and puppies.
  4. Sitting in your house or apartment right after you’ve cleaned it.
  5. Going out for a nice dinner.
  6. Receiving a compliment.
  7. Someone smiling at you.
  8. Booking a vacation.
  9. Cuddling or hanging out with a loved one.
  10. Thinking back on fond memories.

A few more that just missed the top ten were finding money in your pocket, random acts of kindness, seeing an old friend, and hearing a great song come on the radio (you’re welcome).


(Source: Mirror)

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