The Top 10 Comic Book Superheroes (National Superhero Day 4/28/22)

Today (4/28/22) is National Superhero Day (a “holiday” created by Marvel in 1995)! It’s about celebrating comic book characters, but also REAL-LIFE superheroes who make the world a better place.

Let’s stick with the fake ones for a second though… has a list of the BEST comic book superheroes of all time. Over 130,000 people have voted.

And this is a bit of a shock to me – but Superman did NOT make the top ten!

  1. Spider-Man.
  2. Batman.
  3. Wolverine.
  4. Iron Man.
  5. Deadpool.
  6.  Thor.
  7. Captain America.
  8. The Hulk.
  9. The Flash.
  10. Wonder Woman.

Superman is 11th, partly because so many HATERS down-voted him, which counts against you.

The rest of the top 20 includes Black Panther, 13th . . . The Punisher, 15th . . . Black Widow, 17th . . . and The Silver Surfer, 20th.

And, just like always, my two favorite superheroes didn’t make the cut, either — Ghost Rider (Marvel) & Green Lantern (DC).



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