According to a new survey, the average American’s weekly diet features five home-cooked meals, three takeout meals, three meals out at restaurants and three leftover meals. So, what are our favorite leftovers? Here are the Top 10:

  1. Soup/stew (79%)
  2. Pizza (63%)
  3. Meat (62%)
  4. Pasta (60%)
  5. Rice (55%)
  6. Vegetables (54%)
  7. Chinese food takeout (53%)
  8. Roasted potatoes (52%)
  9. Sandwiches (47%)
  10. Tuna salad (47%)

72% of people identified themselves as FANS of leftovers, but some foods make better leftovers than others.

Of the 18 choices, sushi was the LEAST popular leftover, followed by eggs, avocado, guacamole, fish, salad and fried food.

61% of Americans say they’re eating leftovers more than ever and 12% of people claim they NEVER eat leftovers.



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