The Texas Rangers are MAD the Padres Scored Too Many Runs Against Them?

One of the biggest things I don’t understand in sports are the stupid “unwritten rules” that say you shouldn’t embarrass your opponents by beating them too badly.

And what happened between the Texas Rangers & the San Diego Padres is a perfect example:

FERNANDO TATIS JR. is an emerging star for the San Diego Padres, and on Monday night, he hit a GRAND SLAM in the eighth inning. Pretty exciting for him & the Padres, right?  (Here’s video.)

Well, the Texas Rangers are FURIOUS because the Padres were already up 10-3 before the home run, and the count was three balls and no strikes.

So apparently, Tatis was SHOWING THEM UP by trying to hit a home run.

The Rangers responded by throwing behind the next batter to “send a message.”

After the game, Rangers manager Chris Woodward said, quote, “There’s a lot of unwritten rules that are constantly being challenged in today’s game. I didn’t like it, personally.

“You’re up by seven in the eighth inning, it’s typically not a good time to swing [at a 3-0 count]. It’s kind of the way we were all raised in the game.” (Here’s video.)

The pitcher who “sent the message” after the grand slam was suspended three games. And Woodward was suspended for one, possibly for ordering the hit.

Weirdly, even Padres manager Jayce Tingler said that it would be a “learning opportunity” for Tatis, who’s only 21. And that he should’ve taken a strike at least. (Here’s video.)

And then, Tatis APOLOGIZED for hitting a grand slam???? (Here’s video.)

Fortunately, not all players put HURT FEELINGS over COMPETITIVENESS.

Cincinnati Reds pitcher TREVOR BAUER Tweeted, quote, “Hey Fernando, listen up:

“1.  Keep swinging 3-0 if you want to, no matter what the game situation is…”

“2.  Keep hitting homers, no matter what the situation is.”

“3.  Keep bringing energy and flash to baseball and making it fun. ”

“4. The only thing you did wrong was apologize. Stop that.”  (And other players agree.)

Tatis doesn’t seem intimidated.  In last night’s game against the Rangers, he stole third base with the Padres up 6-0, which is a borderline “unwritten” no-no.

The Padres were up 6-0 partially due to a grand slam that WIL MYERS hit in the first inning.

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