The Road Ain’t What It Once Was…And That Is a Good Thing

As you well know there are a lot of our favorite bands and artists out on the road right now. This year we have seen the final Motley Crue and Black Sabbath tours, plus full on arena runs from big shots like Guns n’ Roses and Iron Maiden. Not to mention small theater stops from among others Alice Cooper, Slaughter, Great White, Vixen and Kix. Lately even up close and personal club tours featuring the likes of  everyone from L.A. Guns, , Faster Pussycat to Enuff Z’Nuff and Lita Ford.

These are artists who have spent a lifetime on the road, but for most if  not all, the road is not what it once was. To say these bands had a “good time” in the hayday is perhaps the understatement of the century. Let’s face it. These are the names and faces of the people who put the “X” in EXCESS in 70’s and 80’s. The drugs, the drinking, the parties, the groupies, the sleepless nights that went for days were all a very real part of everyday life. Touring is hard. It’s lonely, it’s a lot of hours on a bus in the middle of the night, or on a plane from coast to coast or country to country with no real control over your daily life. In this case, with all of the things readily available to them, boredom breeds excess. Unfortunately, once the dust settles and the house lights come up, you find excess also brings trouble. With that having been said it is inspiring to see artists like Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue or the members of Guns n Roses actually living clean, healthy sober lives. It is a reminder of many things b ut hopefully these old school party guys (and girls) can be a cautionary tale for the next generation of “rock gods and goddesses” to leave excess to the experts and leave it in the past where it belongs. The stuff of legend.




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