The Most Popular Thanksgiving Side Dish in Texas, Oklahoma & Other States

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving side dish? I mean, what food do you HAVE to eat WITH your Turkey – or it’s just NOT a real Thanksgiving?

A new study looked at Google Trends data to figure out which Thanksgiving side dish is the most popular in every state. And the results were not as clear cut as we expected.

Not surprisingly – mashed potatoes were the most popular with 10 states.

Stuffing or dressing, depending on what you call it, came in second, winning 8 states.

But, after that, there was a two-way tie. Mac and cheese and green bean casserole each won seven states.

In fact, green bean casserole was #1 in Texas. Sure, green bean casserole is good, but do Texans really like it THAT MUCH?!?!

For our friends North of the Red River, in Oklahoma, rolls were at the top of the list.

Personally, I prefer some Broccoli Cheese & Rice Casserole.


(Here’s a map with every state’s pick.)






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