The Least Cool Hand Gestures In 2023

If you really want to embarrass & torture your Gen Z kids or grandkids in public, let me help!  A bunch of Gen Zers just voted on what they consider to be the least cool hand gestures in 2023.  2,000 people between 18 and 29 were polled.  Here are the lamest hand gestures, according to these young people:

1.  Air guitar.  38% said it’s cringeworthy.

2.  Double thumbs up, 30%.

3.  Writing a “check mark” in the air at a restaurant to indicate you want the bill.  29% think it’s lame.

4.  Pinky up while drinking coffee or tea, like you’re fancy, 28%.

5.  Double “okay” signs with both hands, 21%.

6.  Saluting, 21%.  Unless you’re in the Armed Forces of course.

7.  Punching your fist into your palm to show you mean business, 20%.

8.  Fist pumps, 19%.

9.  Raising one finger to get people to stop talking, 19%.

10.  A single thumbs up, also 19%.


(Perspectus Global)

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