The Five Worst Smells Around the House We All Hate

For whatever reason, the universe decided that in the genetic lottery I should be the recipient of a sense of smell so strong that it would likely be considered a superpower by the government!  So, I tend to be able to smell things that no one else in my family can. And, it’s quite frustrating! Because there are way too many things around us that smell really, really, really bad…

Well, “Popular Science” looked at Google Trends to figure out the five smells around that house that the average American hates the most.

Here they are:

1.  When a skunk sprayed outside and you can smell it in your house.

2.  Mildew on your clothes.

3.  Cigarette smoke on your clothes.

4.  Gasoline on your shoes.

5.  Dog pee on the carpet.

For me, most smells caused by animals and pets are almost unbearable. But, no one else seems to understand…


(Popular Science)

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