The FEMA Waffle House Index is at CODE RED – things just got REAL! (Coronavirus News)

Ever heard about something called the “Waffle House Index” Mad Rock Nation? Despite the internet memes making fun of it, it’s an actual thing that FEMA uses to determine the severity of a natural disaster (typically weather-related). Basically, it’s set up in levels – based on whether local Waffle House restaurants are open with a full menu (green), open with a limited menu (yellow) or closed (red).

Well, as of yesterday (Wednesday, March 25th) morning, the Waffle House official Twitter account posted that 418 of its 2,000+ stores have closed across the country due to the Coronavirus pandemic. That number is likely to grow over the coming days & weeks. So, yeah, NOT GOOD!

Here’s that post:

You can follow Waffle House on Twitter HERE to keep track of their updated numbers.

Read more about the “Waffle House Index” here:


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