The FBI Is Investigating After Pilots Report Person in a Jetpack Flying at 3,000 Feet

Apparently, there are jetpacks available that let you go full Iron Man!

And we’re all learning about it thanks to one stone cold lunatic, who might wind up in federal prison.

On Sunday night, two pilots who were flying into Los Angeles International Airport reported seeing a man in a JETPACK flying at 3,000 feet.

One pilot was from American Airlines, and one was from SkyWest, so these are legit pilots for big airlines who wouldn’t be trying to pull a hoax.

The FAA and FBI are both investigating.

Besides the potential legal issues of flying a jetpack at that altitude and in a restricted airspace, an aviation expert says the guy was taking a huge risk.

Quote, “The risk is obviously having a collision with an airplane or the person getting ingested into an engine.”


(Source: New York Post)

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