The Average Person Has Cooked the Same Meal 28 Times Since March

One positive thing about being stuck at home the last few months is most of us have been cooking a lot more.

But now we’re officially sick of it…

A new poll found 55% of Americans are suffering from “cooking fatigue,” and want to go to restaurants.

It also found we’ve made the SAME meal an average of 28 times since March.

Personally, my default food has been sandwiches – bologna, turkey, ham, chicken, PB&J and then repeat…over and over and over and over and over. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO freaking tired of sandwiches. And casseroles…if I see another casserole…I might just scream!!!!!!!!!!


Here are three more quick stats on cooking:

1.  We cook an average of nine meals a week. But half of us are also ordering more takeout and delivery than usual.

2.  In a perfect world, we wish cooking dinner would only take 12 minutes total.

3.  The top things that cause “cooking fatigue” are the prep work, the clean-up, the planning, the actual cooking and shopping for ingredients.


(Source: SWNS)

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