The 6 Types of Radio Listeners

Have we told you how much we appreciate you lately, Mad Rock Nation?!?!

NPR and Edison Research recently conducted a study on radio audiences, and identified six different types of listeners.

They found that approximately 156 MILLION people listen to AM / FM radio daily.

That’s 63% of U.S. adults ages 18 and older!

Thank you for that!

Here’s how that breaks down, across the six types:

  1. Radio Heads,” which is 9% of listeners . . . They listen for ALL audio needs, and therefore listen to the most radio.
  2. Connection Seekers,” which is 16% of listeners . . . They listen for company and connection.
  3. Infomaniacs,” 18% of listeners . . . They listen for news and information.
  4. Rhythm Rockers,” 27% of listeners . . . They listen for the music.
  5. Laidback Listeners,” 17% of listeners. . . They listen to radio only in the background.
  6. Habitualists,” 13% of listeners . . . They listen to radio when it’s the only option available.

Obviously with most AM / FM radio, advertising takes up a chunk of time, and listeners are actually pretty COOL with that.

47% of listeners, across all six types, say that listening to ads is a fair tradeoff to consume the free content.

46% say they’ve even considered a new company, product, or service after hearing an ad on the radio.

41% of all time spent listening to audio by U.S. adults is on AM / FM radio . . . and 33% of AM / FM radio listeners say the platform is becoming a more important part of their lives, even with the growth in online audio and other options.


(National Public Media, NPR)

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