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The 10 Most Common “Unusual” Things We Do in the Bathroom

Do you use the bathroom as a place to ESCAPE more than you did before the pandemic?

42% of people say they do it now.

Over half of us sometimes take extra-long showers just to get more alone time.

People were also asked to name “unusual” things they’ve done in a bathroom.

Meaning stuff you wouldn’t normally associate with the phrase “USING the bathroom.”

Here are the ten most common answers:

  1. Getting away from people to CRY.
  2. Reading a book. Is that “unusual”? It was normal before we all had cell phones.
  3. Sex.
  4. Hiding out in the bathroom to avoid people.
  5. Trying on new clothes.
  6. Taking a phone call.
  7. Washing your dog.
  8. Falling asleep in the tub. Falling asleep on the TOILET also made the list at #33.
  9. Having coffee or tea. Beer made the list too at #25.
  10. Hanging stuff up to dry, like a bathing suit on your shower curtain rod.


If those things seem too boring for you, then try something on this list of the Top Other Ways to Fill Time While Hiding in the Bathroom:

  • Alphabetize your anti-anxiety prescriptions.
  • Collect hair from your roommate’s brush to plant at a future crime scene.
  • Go ahead.  Take a sip.  I mean, it does say rubbing ALCOHOL.
  • Make a giant shaving cream beard and pretend you’re David Letterman.
  • Hold a moment of silence for that drawer full of unused condoms.
  • Slice open a bar of Irish Spring and savor the green and white stripes like in the commercial.  (You’re welcome, Boomers.)
  • Check under the lid of the toilet tank to make sure the heroin brick’s okay.  Just me?
  • Brush your teeth.  Okay, tooth.
  • Use the nail file to give yourself a tattoo.  Just like prisoners!
  • See how far you can shove a Q-tip in your ear.  And your nose.  And your . . . nah, on second thought – better stick to the ear and nose.



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