The 10 Most Common Moving Fails Include Damaged Furniture & Scratched Walls

My kids were recently forced to move out of their apartment. It was deemed unlivable, due to water damage from the February winter storm. After going nearly 2 weeks with standing water on the floors, that’s not a major surprise. There was mold EVERYWHERE!

So, we had to scramble to get them moved out in just a few days. And, they lost most of their furniture. It was a HUGE pain in the………well, you get it.

That got me to thinking — what’s the worst thing that’s happened to you while moving into a new place?

Someone recently polled 2,000 people about it.

Here are the ten most common moving fails:

1.  Damaged furniture.  Either from dropping it or bumping into stuff.

2.  Scratched-up walls . . . usually from moving furniture.

3.  Realizing something won’t fit through a door.

4.  Trouble getting heavy stuff up and down the stairs.

5.  Trouble maneuvering things around corners.

6.  When the bottom of a box breaks, and everything falls out.

7.  The previous residents at your new place didn’t clean, or left junk behind.

8.  Your new place isn’t ready in time.

9.  You didn’t get everything packed in time.

10.  Delicate stuff breaking during your move.

A few more answers that made the top 20 were issues with the moving truck, trouble with the keys and your friends promising to help, then not showing up (no matter how much beer you offer them).



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