The 10 Bugs We Hate The Most!

Trillions of cicadas have been invading the U.S., but they’re still not annoying enough to make a new list of the 10 most HATED bugs in America.

According to the study, 7 out of 10 people say they can’t sleep if they know there’s a bug in the house.

We lose 36 hours of sleep a year because of worrying about bugs.

We’d pay an average of $1,974 to never see a bug in our home again.

Here are the ten bugs we hate most:

1.  Cockroaches.

2.  Spiders.  (Even though they’re not really bugs, they’re arachnids.)

3.  Ants.

4.  Mosquitoes.

5.  Termites.

6.  Ticks.  (They’re also technically arachnids.)

7.  Bees.

8.  Wasps.

9.  Hornets.

10.  Centipedes.  (Nerd alert:  They’re not insects either, they’re arthropods.)

Surprisingly, houseflies didn’t make the list.

Only 4% of people said cicadas are one of the bugs they hate most.



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