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That Guy Who Gets Stung by the Nastiest Insects in the World Makes $300,000 a Month

Have you ever heard of COYOTE PETERSON?

He’s basically insane.

And also insanely RICH.

He has that YouTube channel called Brave Wilderness, where he allows himself to be stung by some of the most venomous insects in the world.

He also tries to teach his viewers stuff along the way. But, don’t kid yourself: People are just there to see him writhe in pain.  And boy, does he.

I guess it’s worth it though.

His videos reportedly earn him up to $300,000 a month in advertising!!!

They’ve also made him famous enough to get on Animal Planet, where he has his own show called Coyote Peterson: Brave the Wild.

(Here’s a video of Coyote taking the sting of a BULLET ANT – possibly the most painful sting in the insect kingdom.)

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