Texas Has More State-Shaped Products Than Any Other State!

The coupon site SimplyCodes.com looked at the top state-shaped product that’s oddly popular in each state.  They went through Google Shopping trends to find the product each state buys more than other states. Probably NOT too surprising, they found that there are way more Texas-shaped products available than products for any other state.

Here are the highlights of their findings:

You can actually get a gigantic 25-pound fruit cake (for around $300) that’s shaped like Texas as well as Lone Star State shaped waffle-makers.

The most popular Oklahoma-shaped product are trivets (the things you put hot pans on to keep them from damaging your counters or table top).

A few others that totally make sense: Oven mitts shaped like Michigan are big, because Michigan looks like a hand.  Also, water pitchers in Minnesota, because it’s shaped like a pitcher.  And door mats in Colorado, because they’re both rectangles.

A lot of alcohol-related products made the list:  Missouri loves state-shaped beer signs because of Budweiser, Kentucky loves state-shaped ice cubes for whiskey and bottlecap displays shaped like Pennsylvania sell well, apparently.

Now, here are the WEIRDEST ones:  Leather earrings shaped like Arizona exist, waterproof “shower art” shaped like Washington is oddly popular, dog chew toys shaped like Florida are big and Arkansas loves state-shaped skillets.

Also, stress balls shaped like California and tables shaped like Illinois

(Here’s a map with all 50 products.)






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