Study Finds Bad Moods Are Good!

A new study has found that bad moods can make people more “detail-oriented,” and it’s not just because they’re less chatty and distracted by others.

So, see, the fact that I rarely smile & seem like I’m grumpy is actually a GOOD thing! It keeps me focused.

The researchers say mood and language are supported by different brain networks.  But there’s a lot of interaction going on between them.

When the people in the study were in a negative mood, they were more “careful and analytical.”  They scrutinized what was actually in front of them and didn’t just fall back on general knowledge or routine.

They were also more likely to “re-analyze” situations where there were unexpected inconsistencies when they were in a bad mood.


(Study Finds / Frontiers in Communication)


BONUS: 7 Better Ways to Tell a Person They’re Grumpy than “Well, Looks Like Someone Woke up on the Wrong Side of the Bed”

  • Well, looks like someone got the shopping cart with a broken wheel.
  • Well, looks like someone visited a proctologist with cold hands.
  • Well, looks like someone drove all the way to Sam’s Club / Costco but forgot their card.
  • Well, looks like someone parked their freshly-washed car under a bird with the runs.
  • Well, looks like someone poked their juice box with the wrong end of the straw.
  • Well, looks like someone forgot to “clear history” before their wife used the computer.
  • Well, looks like someone forgot how to kick extra points for the Dallas Cowboys.
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