Strange Things You Find In Your Fast Food Meal

A recent study found that the most expensive fast-food meal is in San Francisco. And the least expensive is in Tulsa. But, regardless of price, or where you got it, all orders include something from today’s list of the . . . Strange Things You Find in Your Fast Food Meal:

  • A translucent pickle.
  • Enough cholesterol to make your heart file a restraining order.
  • A balled-up wad of napkins already stained with grease.
  • A sprig of lettuce that can be easily peeled off and thrown in the trash because . . . produce, ewww!
  • A lone French fry in your onion rings. Or a lone onion ring in your French fries. Or neither, if the drive-thru dude was so high he left it out of your order.
  • A sauce packet you have to use your teeth to open.
  • A patty that the restaurant claims is meat but DNA tests came back inconclusive.
  • Apple slices. But only if your kid’s a LOSER.
  • An employee’s hair, fingernail, phlegm or other bodily fluid.
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