How Do You Steal $1.2 Million Dollars Worth of Fajitas?!?!

So, how exactly can ONE PERSON steal $1.2 Million dollars worth of fajitas? Apparently, one delivery at a time…over 9 years!

And, of course, this happened in Texas!

According to the Cameron County, Texas Sheriff’s Office – a guy named Gilberto Escamilla, now a FORMER employee at the Cameron County Juvenile Justice Department facility, was the man who pulled off this long-term caper.

Over a period of 9 years, Gilberto allegedly ordered and stole roughly $1.2 Million dollars worth of fajita meat. Reports state he then sold all the meat through a side business he set up.

The most interesting thing about this story, is the fact the Cameron County Juvenile Department facility NEVER served fajitas during those 9 years. Seriously?!?! How did NO ONE (specifically, in the accounting department) not notice fajita meat listed on an invoice?!?!

The only reason Gilberto got caught is because he had to take a day off to go to the Doctor and the food delivery company just happened to call about a fajita meat delivery. Man, talk about BAD TIMING!

Gilberto was arrested last week and charged with 1st degree felony theft.

I wonder if the Cameron County jail serves fajitas?


Want to read more about this story? Then Brownsville Herald has a more detailed write-up about it –



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