Save The Clock Tower…I Mean…The Rialto Theater!

There are few places in Texoma with a history as long and as exciting as the Rialto Theater. That marquee is a highlight of Downtown Denison. But your help is needed to maintain that history and keep it alive!

The Rialto Theater suffered MAJOR damage to the roof, stage equipment and other areas during the storms that blew through Denison on July 9th. That damage has caused the theater to close indefinitely.

Here’s how you can help – donate to the Rialto Theater’s GoFundMe page. They’re trying to raise $100,000 from people in the community to take care of the necessary repairs. Even $1 will make a difference. Please give if you can.

Our friends at the Herald Democrat share more about the amazing history of the Rialto Theater here and here.




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