Road Trips Are Awesome!

It’s hard to find ANYTHING that EVERYONE in our country can agree on, other than NOBODY CAN AGREE ON ANYTHING. But in a series of new polls, it appears pretty much everyone in the U.S. digs ROAD TRIPS.

  • 40% of people say they “love” Road Trips
  • 43% “like” Road Trips
  • Less than 10% of people have a negative opinion about Road Trips

That breakdown is pretty much the same across the board, no matter where in America you live, whether you’re male or female, whether you’re old or young or whether you’re liberal or conservative.

Digging a little deeper, 59% of people say they prefer taking the scenic route on road trips, while 28% are cool just using the fastest route.

And 50% say they prefer to plan the details of the road trip ahead of time, while 37% want to be spontaneous.

Personally, I don’t mind a good road trip. In fact, my wife & I are taking a pretty long one next month to celebrate my birthday!

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