Reindeer Family (2023)


Reindeer Family

Single mother, 36 years old. Recently lost her job and is searching for gainful employment. Is coordinating with caseworkers to help with budgeting and savings. No family support.

3 year old girl

CLOTHING: She wears a 4T and a size 10/11 in shoes INTERESTS: Loves music and Cocomelon, baby dolls and pretending to cook. She loves puzzles, and anything she can match together with shapes and colors.

5 year old son

CLOTHING: Wears a 6/7 in clothes and a 12/13 in shoes INTERESTS: He absolutely loves hot wheel cars, dinosaurs, music, and action figures.

10 year old daughter

CLOTHING: 12/14 clothing and a kids size 7 in shoes INTERESTS: Asking for accessories and clothes only this Christmas, she loves to be fashionable! She also loves to draw and anything anime.



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