As much as I love the original movie, it seems a bit odd to think they’re trying to make another movie with these characters. But, that’s Hollywood for you!

In the 1993 action flick “Demolition Man”, SYLVESTER STALLONE plays a cop who’s frozen in the ’90s and wakes up in 2032.

Of course, if anything, most people just remember the gag in the movie where Stallone says the bathroom is out of toilet paper, and everyone laughs because in 2032, they don’t use it anymore. After you’re done with your business, you clean yourself with THREE SEASHELLS.

They never explain HOW the shells work. So, maybe we’ll get some insight in the sequel which IS in the works as we speak.

Stallone says, quote, “We’re working on it right now . . . and it’s looking fantastic.  So that should come out.  That’s going to happen.”


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