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Paul Stanley is talking up the KISS avatar show.
When KISS played their final show in New York in December, they introduced the public to their avatars, which got mixed reactions.
Stanley now wants fans to know that the final product will look much different.
In a new interview Stanley was asked what fans can expect when the show finally debuts in 2027.
He said, “Not what you saw. It was a double-edged sword because we were showing people the avatars in their infancy. And they look, and will look, nothing like that. They will be mind-bogglingly realistic.”
As for the show itself, Stanley says fans shouldn’t expect it to be a replica of a KISS concert. He said, “We wanna create something that’s a go-to and a must-see for everybody. KISS fans will love it, but other people who could care less about KISS will wanna see it. It’s going to be mind-boggling. It’s KISS and Cirque du Soleil and everything you can imagine on steroids. But it will really cross that bridge of what’s real and what’s not and combine the two. It will be incredible.”
So far KISS has not announced any exact dates for the show.

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