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One in Five People Have Screwed Up So Bad at Work They Should Have Been FIRED!

It’s still hard to find people who want to actually show up to work, so you’ve gotta do something pretty bad to get fired right now.

But have you ever made a mistake at work that COULD have cost you your job?

One in five people say they’ve made a “critical” error at work that they could have been fired for.

Most didn’t lose their job over it, though.

Only 11% of people who’ve committed a fireable offense said they got in trouble for it.

48% said their boss let it slide.

Another 41% never got in trouble, because no one found out.

One of the most common mistakes we make is saying something without realizing our boss can hear us.

13% have forgotten to mute themselves and said something inappropriate on a work call.

8% have failed to hang up and said something about the person on the other end.

15% of us have accidentally hit “reply all” on an email.

Other common behaviors at work that could be risky include:

  • Shopping on a work computer
  • Applying for other jobs while you’re at work
  • Streaming TV shows on the clock
  • Falling asleep at your desk


BONUS: Top 7 Things You Never Want to Hear at Work

  1. Damn, dude.  You just hit ‘reply all.’
  2. Everyone head to the bathroom.  It’s a surprise drug test!
  3. YOU want a raise?  Adorable!
  4. We decided to start locking up the toilet paper at night.
  5. Here’s a box for all your stuff.
  6. The boss wants to see you.  Something about “he knows about you and the wife.”
  7. I.T. was able to trace who’s been downloading porn on their computer.



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